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Have you registered to use the new SAF Advanced Academy app?

Have you registered to use the new SAF Advanced Academy app?

You are already registered to take the annual SAF Expert test. Why not go further? Get formal recognition for your knowledge by registering for the new Academy app. The app gives you everything you need to take and pass the SAF Advanced qualification. Here are 5 reasons why you should:

1. You are a third of the way there already

A SAF Expert test pass entitles you to an exemption from one of the three units of SAF Advanced - so you are already well on your way to achieving the qualification.

2. State of the art learning on the move

The SAF Advanced Academy app has everything you need to learn the material quickly on a smart phone -  bitesize modules, video tutorials, mock tests and questions, a forum for users to ask questions, progress monitoring and more.  You can view a video showing you how it works on our SAF Advanced page here.

3. Career progression

Obtaining the qualification is an excellent way for you to progress with your career in the automotive finance and retail sectors.  See case studies from those that have here.

4. Letters after your name

If you pass the SAF Advanced exam you can promote your achievement by applying the designation 'CertAutoFS' after your name on printed business cards, e-mail signatures, LinkedIn etc.   The Certificate for Automotive Finance Specialists is the formal name for the qualification.

5. FCA focus on motor finance

The provision of information to customers at the point of sale is one of the key areas the FCA explored in its recent review.  Raising professional standards will continue to be a focus for the regulator.

To find out more about the app and SAF Advanced please click here.