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Meet Connor Pearson - motor finance specialist apprentice

Meet Connor Pearson - motor finance specialist apprentice

Connor completed three A-levels and worked in retail for a short period of time before being successfully recruited as a motor finance specialist apprentice by Secure Trust Bank.

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What attracted Connor to the apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships provide the opportunity to both work and study at the same time, which I deem to be more beneficial to my future career prospects than alternatives such as university.  My love of cars and the fact the motor finance industry is so large is what attracted me to the motor finance specialist apprenticeship.

What has Connor’s journey been to date?

The induction process was two weeks long, the first week delivered by colleagues and the second by Calibre, the training provider.  This really helped the apprentices to settle in and gave us all a good insight into the motor industry.  The induction finished with taking the SAF Expert Test, which I passed!

I then moved on to work in Payouts and have since become a valued member of the team.  The role has improved my teamwork, communication and leadership skills.  An example of this is where I have already been asked to deliver presentations to colleagues. 

What is next for Connor?

After finishing this role I will move on to work in other departments across the motor finance business whilst continuing my studies supported by Calibre.

What does Connor like about the job and the apprenticeship?

I like the fast paced environment and constant change the industry brings, and working as a team to get the job done.  

The apprenticeship enables me to fulfil my aspirations of working and studying at the same time.  My colleagues are keen to support me and offer help to get me through the apprenticeship.  Finally, the apprenticeship provides me with wider knowledge of the industry which helps me to perform to a better standard.

Where does Connor see himself in five-years?

I would like to have completed my apprenticeship and have a successful career in the motor industry.