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SAF redevelopment

SAF redevelopment

The FLA first developed SAF in partnership with a wide range of stakeholders from the lender and retailer network in 2007. Today the SAF test is now taken by over 34,000 staff across the industry each year and continues to improve confidence in motor finance and increase professionalism.

The new SAF programme will be made up of three distinct modules to suit each level of learner:

  • New introductory learning will become available – aimed at new industry starters.  The training will provide with easy to digest information on the foundations of motor finance products and the importance of regulation before an individual starts to study the SAF training material and take the SAF test
  • The SAF test will be updated and accredited at level-3 by the London Institute of Banking and Finance (LIBF) 
  • The SAF test pass will provide an exemption to one unit of the SAF Advanced exam.
  • The SAF Advanced programme can be used as knowledge based learning for the Motor Finance Specialist Apprenticeship.

Our new suite of SAF learning aims to further raise professional standards by accommodating all levels of learner and make it easier for customer facing staff to progress up to attaining the SAF Advanced level-3 qualification.