SAF Competence Test

Congratulations !!

You have reached the end of the SAF Reference Material and are ready to take the online SAF Competence Test. To sit the SAF Competence Test you must first be registered as a user.

Hopefully you will have received your User ID and Password to access the test from the SAF administrator in your organisation. In which case, please click here.


If you have not received your User ID and Password we recommend that you speak to your direct manager or training manager. For further information on access to the SAF Competence Test please visit the FAQ page here.


If you will not be the administrator, and therefore not managing the SAF Competence Test for your organisation, you should not register your company. Administrators will be responsible for setting up users and are expected to respond to any difficulties raised by staff.

Please feel free to review this material as many times as necessary to help you pass the SAF Competence Test, or to refresh your motor finance knowledge.