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Ali Nazim, Cargiant

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Ali Nazim CertAutoFS,
Finance Manager

Ali has worked in the motor industry for 16 years and now oversees a team of 17 business managers
at Cargiant, monitoring the performance of staff and ensuring they are well-trained. He often
provides cover for his team and therefore remains in face-to-face contact with customers.

Speaking about why he registered to take the SAF Advanced qualification, Ali says:

“I believe that CertAutoFS will become a mandatory qualification that dealerships will require from
any potential employee seeking a finance position within the motor retail industry. The Cemap
qualification, for example, is widely recognised in the mortgage industry and CertAutoFS could
replicate that in the motor industry. We wanted to be frontrunners at Cargiant and therefore
registered to take the qualification as soon as possible”.

Commenting on how the qualification has helped him, Ali says:

“I learned some new elements, particularly in relation to management. The qualification has helped
me to refocus and refresh on certain subjects. It’s a great tool to have and will enable my team
and I to provide a better service. It has also given me the desire to study more and I am currently
looking into more advanced management qualifications.”

Looking ahead to the next five years, Ali says:

“I would like to see myself still working at Cargiant. There are some exciting times
ahead as we are planning to expand the business manager team.”