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Craig Brown, Porsche Retail Group

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Craig Brown CertAutoFS, Group Business Manager

Craig is responsible for managing Finance and Insurance at the five Porsche Centres that make up the Porsche Retail Group: Guildford, Hatfield, Mayfair, Reading and West London. He enjoys working with the extensive Porsche range and the scope of customers who are attracted to the brand. This leads to a variery of interesting challenges which he faces on a daily basis.

Speaking about why he registered to take the SAF Advanced qualification, Craig says:

“As a group, we were looking at ways to enhance both our levels of customer trust and quality of experience, and we felt that SAF Advanced could help us to achieve that. Thankfully it has, and our plan is to ensure that, by the end of 2016, each of our Porsche Retail Group centres has a Business Manager who has gained the qualification.”

Commenting on how the qualification has helped him, Craig says:

“It provided a good follow up to the standard SAF test and gave me a more in depth knowledge of the regulatory environment that we now operate in. Porsche clients have a high expectation to the level of service we provide, and SAF Advanced helps to ensure that we are able to meet those expectations at all times.”

Looking ahead to the next five years, Craig says:

“I would still like to be involved with the Porsche brand, ensuring that we are developing the skills of our sales teams.”