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Dan Jackson, Black Horse

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Dan Jackson CertAutoFS,
Account Manager in the North West team

Dan has worked in the motor industry for 11 years in a variety of roles. He likes meeting a diverse
range of people and helping them build their businesses. He also enjoys the responsive nature of
the motor finance industry and its ability to change quickly and react to customer demand.

Dan works across the North West of England, delivering point of sale finance
solutions to dealerships in the region.

Speaking about why he registered to take the SAF Advanced qualification, Dan says:

“I am continuously looking to develop my skills and stretch my capabilities. This qualification
allowed me to consolidate my existing knowledge and increase my understanding of topics which I
wasn’t as familiar with.”

Commenting on how the qualification has helped him, Dan says:

“I was successful in passing the SAF Advanced exam with a distinction. This has been fantastic for
me in terms of increasing my profile within the business and it has helped to give my customers the
assurance that they are dealing with an Industry professional. This qualification will contribute
in helping me to achieve my career aspirations.”

Looking ahead to the next five years, Dan says:

“I would like to be a Senior Manager within the motor industry in five years’ time. I anticipate
the next five years to be a challenging and exciting time for this business and I am really
enthusiastic and optimistic about the future of the motor industry. I will be embracing both
technological advancements and regulatory changes to help deliver an excellent service for customers.”