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DVLA update

DVLA update

The DVLA have been updating existing services and launching a number of new services as part of its transformation programme. Below we highlight some of the most recent developments.

A new version of the V5C vehicle registration form went into production on 16 April.  The update was originally undertaken to remove the reference to the ‘European Community’ in preparation for Brexit, but the DVLA used the opportunity to make the form simpler, introduce new security features and enable new fields to be added to the vehicle information section.  A sample of the new form can be found here and to view the full list of changes please click here.

No doubt many dealerships will now be using the DVLA’s Register a Vehicle (RaV) cloud based service for new registrations.  The process for migrating all large manufacturers over to the scheme should now be complete.  RaV was introduced to enable the DVLA to add new data fields relating to Vehicle Excise Duty, WLTP and other indicators where needed in future.

Drivers can now prove their eligibility to drive using the DVLA’s Add a check code to your mobile phone service here.  Like ‘Share Driving Licence’ the service enables drivers to obtain a check code that lasts for 21 days proving their eligibility to drive, but through storing a file in a wallet app on their smart phone.  The service requires the driver to initially go through the GOV.UK verify service used to apply for other Government products/services such as new passports.  Dealers and lenders could therefore use the service to help prevent impersonation fraud at the point of sale.