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FLA launches new SAF training options to improve industry skills

The FCA's recent motor finance findings demonstrates how investment in training leads to consumers receiving better information and better outcomes. Commitment to skills and development also helps further careers within the motor retail industry and encourages innovation.

With this in mind, the FLA has redeveloped its SAF training to make it easier for staff in all motor retailers to develop and demonstrate motor finance knowledge. An improved range of training options have been designed, which will help to further increase professionalism, skills and knowledge in this sector.

A key change is that the SAF competency test, now known as SAF Expert, has been accredited by The London Institute of Banking & Finance. Successful completion of SAF Expert now demonstrates an accredited standard of learning, and provides credits towards the level-3 SAF Advanced qualification.

If staff hold a current valid SAF Expert certificate the accreditation now entitles them to bypass one of the three units of SAF Advanced. So anyone with a SAF Expert certificate is now a third of the way to achieving the SAF Advanced qualification.

Commenting on the launch of the redeveloped SAF training, Adrian Dally, Head of Motor Finance at the FLA, said:

“Motor finance is the third largest market in the consumer credit sector, so the current level of scrutiny from regulators and the media should be considered the new normal. Staff training is therefore more important than ever, and the new suite of SAF courses provides a training option for everyone, regardless of their level of experience. Now is the time to make sure that all customer-facing staff have the skills they need to help your business thrive.”

Further developments will be released by the FLA and partners over the summer on the SAF website.